Tuesday, February 14

Today & Everyday

Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope you are surrounded and feeling loved in some capacity today. Whether it is from your spouse, parent, child, friend, co-worker, dog...whatever it is, I hope you are feeling loved.

Typically, I would have prepared for today. I would have some sort of handmade craft or food to give to my valentine. However, this year I am not so prepared.

Today I'm thinking about the beach and how just 24 hours ago I was in sunshiny Florida sipping coffee and reading this book in the Florida room. Chatting with my grandmother about cooking, weddings, and life. Spending time just sitting and relaxing and existing.

But today I am back to the grind, struggling to get myself to focus and be productive. Dealing with a little post-vacation bummedness (I just made that word up). And tonight I will go home, exhausted and feeling a little grouchy because I'm still not recovered from our 4:15 a.m. wake up call to make our flight back home. I will put on my sweatpants and new Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, make a delicious dinner with Jake and some red wine and snuggle in for a movie. Enjoying the little moments of love. Nothing grand, nothing spectacular and, do to saving for the wedding, no gifts. Which is perfectly a-ok with me.

Because honestly, almost everyday is like valentine's day. I rarely go a day that I don't feel or know that I am loved. I am beyond blessed by my future husband, grandparents who still take walks on the beach together, family, friends and a God who, despite my feelings and worry, loves me regardless.

So, Happy Valentine's Day to you today and everyday.

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