Thursday, February 9

Florida + Pillows

Well, I am Florida bound in a 17 hours. Yep, I can't wait!

It was a little impromptu visit to see my grandparents who snowbird down to Florida to escape the cold Midwestern winters. Although, this year really hasn't been so bad. Makes me nervous for the summer. I think it'll be a hot one.

But I wanted to share with you my recent DIY. I love them. Super cute pillows that can be added to any rustic chic space. I made these for my mom's birthday and will soon be making myself a pair.

I didn't use a pattern but if you need to you can find any basic pillow pattern. Once I cut out my sides, I used an acrylic pen to outline my letters. I stenciled the letters by placing a print out under my fabric. Burlap is pretty see through so it's easy to follow the lines. Then you can fill in the outline with paint.

Let the paint dry.

Then it's time to sew! I used my new Christmas present for this one. Sew the two "right" (or the two sides you want to be on the outside) together and leave a hole so you can flip and stuff the pillow. If you can't sew, that's ok, you can use fabric glue. It works well also.

Once you've sew them, all you need to do is invert them through the hole you left. Next, stuff them and make sure you get all the corners. Then stitch up the hole and you're done!

Pretty basic and they are so cute. What a great way to remind your spouse what side of the bed is theirs!

Ok, that's all for now. Time to finish packing up!

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Darlene Pilotte said...

That is really cute!!