Thursday, August 18

Three things on my mind

It's funny to me that I often think to myself..."Oh, that'd be a good topic to blog about." Yet, every time I go to sit down to actually do it, my mind goes blank. Maybe that a blessing because it frees up what I can right about right now, in this moment. It let's me say what I want to say.

Right now, I have a few things on my mind:
  1. How God is faithful
  2. How great my co-workers are
  3. How great my boyfriend is
1. I daily struggle with surrender and control. God and I often have a battle on who is in control. Well, really it's me who is having the battle. God usually just waits til I'm tired and then steps in to save the day. But, I am finding that I am having to learn how to trust more and more, even as I get older. I used to think that by the time I was almost 25 (eek!) that I'd have it all figured out. But actually, the older I get the less I feel like I have figured out. I'm regressing in sorts. I probably just used to be ignorant to what I didn't know, when I thought I did. And now I realize how much I don't know.

One of my professors in graduate school said, "I teach the first class, where you will learn how much you really don't know." And he was right.

This is real love
But back to God being faithful. I also used to think that trust was a feeling. No, trust is not a feeling. Trust is a choice. Much like many other things are a choice...surrendering, forgiving, loving, commitment, perseverance, joy. These are all choices. I used to think that unless I "felt" them inside, then they weren't there. This is not at all true. If I were waiting to feel like forgiving someone when they've hurt me, I'd probably never do it. If I were waiting to feel joy, to be happy...I'd never be happy. These things are a choice. Love is a choice.

I used to think that fairy tales equated to truth. I used to think that I'd always feel mushy gushy in love every moment of the day. Well...I did for a while, but now I find that my love has changed in sorts. Now, let me say that it has changed in a good way. I'm still new on the relationship spectrum and we have a lot way to go. But it's not a fairy tale...well it is a fairy tale, just different than the way that Disney portrays it. I seem to have gotten way off topic, but oh well.

The sum of number one is that God is faithful and He will always provide. Sometimes it's different than we think, but it's always a greater blessing than you know.

2. I just got home from work at 9...long day. We had an event and it always makes me realize how great the people I work with are. Everyone is hard working and does their part. I appreciate them so much. They've spoiled me for any future employment

3. Why is my boyfriend awesome? He is awesome because he picked up all the toilet paper on the floor of my bathroom that our puppy decided to pull down today. That's why he is so awesome and that is what I call love.

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Erica said...

Its those little things that win the heart. Way to go Jake easy brownie points!