Tuesday, August 9

Finally, moved!

I feel as though I've ignored my blog for the past week, which is basically true. I've been swamped at work and packing, moving, and unpacking in any free time. Blah. Plus, I currently don't have Internet access at home, which makes it just a little difficult to check on my blog.

But, the move was successful. Now I'm trying to get settled and find everything a home for the next 10 months of its life. I have been extremely blessed to have some really incredible friends and family help me during the moving process. I am so incredibly grateful for them all.

I miss my roommates and talking with them...so Meg and T (if you read this) I hope you know that you are missed by both me and Winnie. She asks about you often :)

Anyway, I will soon return with pictures of the new pad, once it's all put together and livable by my standards. Aka - pictures are hung up!

So for now, Happy Tuesday.

Try to find some time for rest. I know I need to and desperately looking forward to it!

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