Friday, June 1

Hello 100

Well, hello 100.

Today is my 100th post. To be honest, it seems that I should have way more than 100 posts, but regardless it feels likes a monumental moment. I have written to you and you have read my posts 100 times! Sometimes I sit and think about the content of my blog. That I need a certain direction or that I need to be an expert about something. But really, I'm not an expert at anything and my blog is a pretty good representation of what goes on in my brain. It's all over the place pretty much all the time. But I will say that there is one thing that I am an expert at and that is being me. No one else can be me...just me. So basically, in my blog I write about being me and what that really is like.

Simple as pie. (I'm not really sure why people use that expression because pie crusts are not easy).

So thank you for your support and continuing to read all 100 posts. I really do appreciate it.

Also, I love posts that include picture. As much as I love words, I also like looking a pretty things. So since it's Friday, I figured I would get you caught on my latest pinning enjoyment. Here are a few thing via Pinterest that I am loving these days.

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