Tuesday, December 6

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

It's time again to pull out the dusty boxes. Hang the garland and lights. And of course, put the ornaments on the tree. This is what we did last night. Although, I didn't have a Christmas tree, so we picked one up this weekend as we did Christmas shopping (which was wildly successful!). So, we found a 4 ft. pre-light artificial little tree to suffice for this year. (I'm a real tree kind of girl).

This year as I pulled Christmas ornaments out of the box and slowly unwrapped them, anticipating what memories laid inside the tissue paper, the feeling was a bit different. Even though, I love Christmas and everything that comes with it, something felt a bit different...not quite as Christmasy as I remember. Then I realized, this year is different. This year I am unwrapping ornaments at my house; not the home I grew up in. This year, I was surrounded by my fiance and puppy; not my mom, dad and brothers. This year, I wasn't listening to Alabama Christmas playing loudly. Although the ornaments were the same, it's just wasn't the same.

This season of life is one of transition. As I am preparing to marry the man of my dreams and create a new life with him (which I am so excited about), it is a time of transition. This is the last year I sign my long last name on Christmas cards, and exchange it for a shorter, more historical one to share with my future hubby. This is a year of starting/thinking of some new traditions for my future family and remembering the traditions that hold such deep joy in my heart.

I am truly excited for the new stage of life, I will be entering. But as someone very wise once told me, "To every Yes, there is a corresponding No." And even though I am not married yet, it is a time of preparation and transition into that stage of life. There is great joy in what is to come and deep sadness of what used to be. It's one of the unspoken challenges of making this life altering decisions.

Yet, it is a blessing to have such great joy and people in my life no matter what season I am in.

Top left - One of my first Christmas ornaments
Top right - The reason we celebrate
Bottom left - Winnie's first Christmas ornament
Bottom right - Another first Christmas ornaments
Middle - The Angle at the top of my tree

The finished product

 And to end...always a picture of this precious pup.


kristyn ellen said...

Pretty tree!

Oh my goodness her big black nose. I love her.

"There is great joy in what is to come and deep sadness of what used to be." I understand.

Brant said...

Where's Winnie's stocking?
And also, why do you have an angle at the top of your tree?
Merry Christmas!!