Wednesday, November 20

simple thanksgiving decor ideas

Thanksgiving is just a week away and every holiday is just a little bit better with some lovely themed decor. And as much as I love decorating for the holidays, with moving this year, I skimped on any sort of decor. So here are a few simple, but festive, decorations to add to your Thanksgiving celebration.

Cinnamon Candles: there is nothing more festive than a light scent of cinnamon in the air. These basic pillar candles are covered with cinnamon sticks. It creates a great scent but also looks rustic and festive!

Pumpkin Pillars: Super easy but perfect for Thanksgiving. Instead of candles, place small pumpkins on top of your pillars. Creates an easy table accessory.

Thankful Place Mat: Stay at the core of what Thanksgiving is about-- being thankful! These place mats help keep the focus on what your guests are thankful for this holiday. Use some simple kraft paper and a sharpie. It will take a little time to write on all of them, but well worth it when you take time to share what everyone is thankful for.

Wine bottle Words: now this one may take a little more time and planning. You can use wine bottles instead and use stencils to paint letters on the bottles. Then simply fill the bottles with threshes of wheat or small twigs for a natural and rustic feel.

Leaf Name Cards: Name cards keep table setting less confusing when you're carrying a plate full of food. These gold leaves are pretty simple but look formal and chic. Gather either real or fake leaves and spray them with gold spray paint. Once they're dry, use a permanent marker to write the names.

Mini Pumpkin Pie: this one isn't really a decoration but it was to good not to share. I love any kind of mini dessert and these are perfect bite size pumpkin pies!

And then just a personal note, I may be a bit opinionated-- ok, I'm a lot opinionated-- but I want to encourage all of you to take a stand against shopping on Thanksgiving Day. To me, big retailers are completely erasing what the holiday is about by opening stores on Thanksgiving Day. They're taking people away from their families on this day and creating a materialistic mindset to a day that should be focused on blessings and gratitude. So will you join me in not shopping on Thanksgiving Day?


Taylor Rae said...

Love the placemat idea! Definitely going to use that one next week!

Same blog, new name:

Hayley! said...

These are great ideas! The mini-pumpkin pie looks so good!!