Wednesday, November 27

happy thanksgiving (one day early)
Happy Thanksgiving Eve! In honor of the holiday, I am going to be taking a little time off from blogging to spend a little more time with family. I hope you are feeling extra blessed this holiday!. And remember also to take some time to be thankful and allow your heart to be filled with gratitude. We are blessed people and simply cannot say thank you enough.

This season I am thankful for our house. Not just because of having more space and being more settles, although that doesn't hurt. But because it is a beginning of the next stage in our life. I am thankful for all the memories to be made-- the friends and family that will gather in this place. For the years of marriage that will take place in this house. But most of all for a constant reminder that God is good. That He always provides and that His mercy is unending.

So with that, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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