Wednesday, August 21

weekend jet-setting

This past weekend we flew south to Tampa. We left Friday and came back Monday, so it was a quick trip but well worth it. The hubs grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and we had a weekend filled with family and celebration.

The hubs and I are both big fans of family. We are truly blessed with wonderful families on both sides and we love spending time with them. This past weekend was no exception. Most of our time was filled with conversation and laughter. And after the stress of last week, it was very welcome. But the primary reason we were all there was to celebration in 50 years of marriage of Jake's grandparents. The whole time we were there, I couldn't stop thinking about just how fortunate we are. All of our grandparents have been married for 50+ years and our parents for 25+years. I think that says something powerful.

I am so thankful for the examples our families have set for us. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people who understand the importance of strong marriages and who work hard at their own. I just pray that maybe someday our grandchildren may look at us with the same admiration.

I didn't take my good camera so here are a few shots from the weekend via my iPhone.

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