Thursday, February 21

DIY: bunting

If you remember from my last post, this past weekend was my cousin's baby shower. It was such a great day. My contribution for the decor of the shower, was the ABC flash card bunting. And just as I promised, I'll show you the easy steps to make your own.

I found these flashcards at the local big box store and you can find them pretty much anywhere.

I had the jute string leftover from the wedding bunting I made so that is what I used to hang up the cards. You can find it at any major craft store. I got the jute string and the extra small clothes pins at Hobby Lobby.

First, I went through and selected the cards I wanted to use. The flashcard set I bought had two of each letter, so I could pick which ones I liked best. Then I laid them out on the table and clothes pinned a few onto the string to see how it would look. 

We decided to do a bunting with the whole alphabet, but you could choose whatever saying you want. I laid all my cards out on the floor and cut the string to length, leaving some extra on the end for hanging. I like to be able to see what I am doing, so I flipped my cards upside down which  means I had to start with the letter z. I used hot glue and made a small strip at the top of the card and gently pressed the jute down until the glue cooled. (Just be aware that you will get hot glue on you, so be careful.) Then, I laid the next card down and repeated the same steps, keeping the jute string tight between the two cards. Since we were using 26 cards, I didn't leave space between them, but depending on the look you are going for, you can adjust it to your liking.

Once your done gluing the cards, let the glue completely cool before moving them. After the glue was dry, I added the clothes pins to the corners of each card. It was easier to do this with the bunting hanging up. I also added some little wooden hearts to the end of the cards for a finishing touch.

It's a pretty simple project that adds a nice touch to your decorations. And you can adjust it for whatever occasion you want. I love the way this one turned out and I think it looked pretty cute behind the cake table.

Until next time...

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