Friday, December 14


You know that feeling when your socks are all bunched up and something just feels off. That has been my general feeling for the past week or so. It's been a while since I've blogged so let me catch you up. We found out the week before Thanksgiving that the Mr. would be relocated for his job, which is a great thing we've been waiting for. We went to Vegas for a work trip (his, not mine). The Monday we got back, we finished packing up the townhouse and on Tuesday it all got loaded in the truck and we moved three hours north.

We've been at the new apartment for just over a week now. Jake has been at his new building for a week and I have been unemployed for that long. The new apartment is looking great. Our things are falling into place and its beginning to look like us. Jake has been putting in long hours trying to get a grasp for his new crew. And I have been unpacking boxes, running errands, Christmas shopping and baking. Not too shabby of a week.

This is our first big move. At first I didn't quite realize just how significantly it would affect us. It didn't seem that big of a deal until we got here. Then it dawned on me that we're in a completely new city, with no awareness of what is where, and just a completely new surrounding. It's something we've been waiting for and have wanted for a while. But change is hard. This change was hard because the last time I moved some place new it was to college and I had a dorm full of girls and a full schedule to occupy my time. So, this was a bigger change than I anticipated. I'm working hard on making this place our new home and getting settled and cozy in our new town.

Now for a few pictures from our Vegas trip.


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