Tuesday, April 17

authenticity + thanksgiving

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There are those moments. Moments of authenticity. Those moments where regardless of the circumstances, life is hard. There are moments that even though there is nothing going on bad enough to complain about  but that are hard. These are the moments that are so real, so raw, that they remind us that we're human and remind us where we live.

Although most people around us have no idea those moments even occur, they either destroy us or they refine us. And we have the option to decide which they're going to do. Although, a lot of times I would much rather let them destroy me in the moment. To throw a fit or stomp my feet. Yet, once that moment is over, its gets you no where. No where, but feeling worse than you already did.

Or we can choose to be refined. To brave the elements and be shaped for the better. Not usually the feel good option in the short term but we end up being better off because of it. And when those moments occur I find myself asking if this will ever end. Not life, but suffering and hardship. How do we keep moving each day if this is what we have to look forward to.


We hold on to hope. Hope that one day all will be rectified. Hope that one day not another tear will fall. Hope in the truth. And until that day comes, we get even smaller moments. Smaller than the moments of authenticity. These are the moments that let us know that all is okay. The colors of a sunset. The smell of freshly cut grass. The sounds of a loved ones voices. The touch of a pillow at the end of a long day. These are the simple breaths that rejuvenate the soul and fill us with hope.

Approach each moment of authenticity with thanksgiving for those moments of hope. That's what keeps us moving.

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