Tuesday, February 22

I demand perfection!

Today's word...demand.

Doesn't sound too appealing does it?  At least I don't think so.

However, I have learned that I demand a lot. I demand a lot of myself and of other people and I often demand perfection.

It's unfortunate really because no one likes to have things demanded of them, especially if they're unaware that its being even demanded of them. I have a tendency to demand perfection, of myself and of those closest to me. I used to think it was that I had high expectations, but I am now realizing that its even greater than that. It's a demand. Sounds so harsh...and it is.

Someone once told me that maybe perfectionism wasn't something that was created to make us strive, but is like an arrow to our soul. And I believe it. I used to think being a perfectionist was an admirable quality, but as I continue to mature I am realizing that it's not the blessing it disguises itself to be. What a harsh reality...what you thought was helping you was actually hurting you. Attempting to re-learn how to think and live is no easy task. Reframing the way you think about the world, woah. I didn't sign up for that. But yet, it is what needs to happen, at least in my life.

We can't be perfect. I can't be perfect. (Let's say that all together now...)

But it is another path to keeping life simple. Don't demand something you can't obtain.

Stop demanding perfection. God doesn't expect me to be perfect. So, why should I?

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Home Awaits said...

Thanks for the reminder. Good stuff!