Monday, July 15

winery weekend

Oh, welcome back to Monday! I don't know about you guys but we had a pretty good weekend in these parts. I realized that once you make your Summer Bucket List visible to your husband and family, they help you get things marked off and that is what we did this weekend.

Awesome fact. We live about 30 minute away from the midwest wine country-- i.e. we live near Michigan. There are a good number of wineries not far from us. The hubs and I both really enjoy good wine, so we figured it was time to take advantage of our proximity to area wineries. After I got off work on Saturday, we jumped in the car and headed north.

Since we hadn't been to any of the wineries before, we based our stops off of word of mouth and a couple random picks. We managed to visit four wineries by the end of the day. I would say three of them we really enjoyed. One of them was-- err-- a bit disappointing. So I will share with you about the other three.

We started out at Round Barn Winery. Let me just say we WILL be returning. We had heard good things about this place. And it was just a fun place to hang out. They not only are a winery but also a brewery and distillery. There was lots of options for many different pallet preference. They also had food and live music. If it wasn't our first stop on the trip, we probably would have stayed their all day. It had a great ambiance and we really enjoyed it.


Our third stop was at a well known winery and restaurant, Tabor Hill. One of my co-workers told me about this place and I am glad we went. They had great staff that really knew their wine and, of course, very tasty wine. They also had some of the most gorgeous chocolates I have ever seen. Seriously...almost too pretty to eat.


(Everywhere we went my favorite never changed. I just really love a good cab sauv-- that's how the cool winos say it). 

Our last stop was just a random selection and it was a good one. It is a newer winery called Gravity. My favorite part was that each wine you tried came either a pairing of cheese or chocolate. Score! The wine was good too. Oh, and they had a great outdoor seating area with a very nice view. 

All in all I would say it was a pretty success adventure. One which we will be eager to take friends on when they come for a visit!

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Michelle said...

I'm so jealous of your wine-filled weekend! I was just telling my husband that the one thing I miss about Washington is access to all the great wineries all over the state. Sadly in Arizona they are few and far between so we have ventured into making our own wine at home (which is fantastic because then we end up with 2 cases of wine for about $140...).

P.S. I love your dress!

Katherine Michael said...

Looks like fun! Next time you are near nashville - check out Arrington Vineyards. It won't disappoint!